8 Sustainable Marketing P’s

The 8 Sustainable Marketing P’s are used in the three Sustainable Marketing steps and form the basis for building a strong and healthy business model. By using te 5 P’s to bridge the gap between business, consumers and society, profit can be realized for all parties. 



Resources: the pillars of the company
1. Product         – good product, with healthy (circular) chain
2. Price              – fair market, with healthy margin structure in the chain
3. Positioning   – production, logistics and distribution (bricks & clicks)
4. Promotion    – transparent communication and targeted promotions
5. Partners        – developing partnerships that reinforce each other


Aim: win for consumers, society and business
6. People          – satisfied consumers, users, employees and people involved
7. Planet           – an organization and chain with minimal environmental impact
8. Profit            – ensure continuity, achieve business objectives

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